John Mikula
Video Game Programmer

My Little Pony: Lights, Camera, Ponies!

My Little Pony: Lights, Camera, Ponies! is a game about creating animated stories using the characters and settings from the world of My Little Pony. Players use touchscreen controls to dictate the motion of the props and characters they chose to appear in their story. This motion is recorded and saved to the device storage for later playback. Players can also record their voice in order to add narration and voice-over to their story. These simple yet versatile tools allow the player to create any story they can imagine.

I was the only programmer who worked on this game; therefore, all functionality was coded by me. This includes the large and rather sophisticated system for recording user inputs and voice. I've taken to calling this system the Record Keeper. The Record Keeper is capable of recording the position, rotation, and scale of an arbitrary number of game entities, as well as the player's voice, over an arbitrary length of time. The Record Keeper can also save these recording to a device's mass storage, load them, and play the recordings back again. These recordings can then be converted to a .mov file and saved to a device's camera roll. Other features include in-app purchase support, and advanced multi-touch gestures used to manipulate game entities for recording.

My Little Pony: Lights, Camera, Ponies! is available for iOS devices.