John Mikula
Video Game Programmer

Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Style

Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Style is an interactive storybook based on the first episode of the Littlest Pet Shop TV show. Pet Style features a number of fully animated story pages with several bespoke activities sprinkled throughout. These activities include a book-wide deco-bit hunt, a pet fashion show, jigsaw puzzles, and a room decoration activity.

I was responsible for programming the activities listed above. The jigsaw puzzles and the room decoration activity required I make a more advanced multi-touch gesture system than what had been used in prior interactive storybooks. Also, the deco-bit hunt required a persistent management entity that would keep track of which deco-bits have been found across all pages. The rest of the book's functionality was handled by the Sparkle framework which required standard bug fixing and programming support.

Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Style is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.