John Mikula
Video Game Programmer

Story Time

Story Time is a proprietary visual scripting system developed as a plug-in for the Unity 3d game engine. Users will chain together programmable nodes into non-linear sequences that are used to control various aspects of a game. Users utilize three different types of nodes to achieve different effects. Action nodes are used to execute a single programmatic function. Trigger nodes are used to halt the flow of execution until a specified condition is met. Finally, Branch nodes are used to split the flow of execution based on certain parameters. Use cases for Story Time range from directing long animated sequences, to controlling the flow text trees, to dictating upcoming obstacles in an endless runner. Story Time allows artists and designers to easily create their own game logic without having to write a single line of code. Development on Story Time is currently on-going.

I'm the only developer to work on Story Time thus far. I originally conceived Story Time as a more powerful alternative to the Sparkle framework; however, as development ensued, Story Time evolved into a more fully featured visual scripting system capable of making advanced game mechanics. Story Time is written is C# and it utilizes Unity's programmable editor windows as the rendering engine behind the node interface.

Story Time has been used in the following apps:

Mr. Potato Head: School Rush (iOS, Android)
My Little Pony: Lights, Camera, Ponies! (iOS)